Welcome to ICADV's Abuse Intervention Program Academy Virtual. Here you will find the virtual modules to be completed prior to the in-person academy day. These modules will be an option for participants to revisit the live training that took place during it's scheduled timeframe or for those who were unable to be present for the live module. 

For those who are taking the virtual module for the first time, there will be a post-session quiz that is required to receive a certificate of participation. The post-session quiz and the usage reports generated by our training platform will serve to ensure participants are fully completing the modules. The completion of all modules will be monitored by the team. Participants can expect to receive communication prior to the required completion date about progress and any discrepancies in the completion reports. 

If you have any questions, technology issues, or challenges with completing these modules, please reach out to Nicole Blackburn at nblackburn@icadvinc.org.